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Friday, May 8, 2015


Dear Purnima,

I am afraid I am living in odd times. In a minute, the countries across the globe are getting panicky over Global warming due to several factors like deforestation, increasing carbon emissions alongside the fast rate of industrialization along with the resulting destruction of Ozone layer resulting in rising sea-level, river pollutions due to the effluents being moved into by the chemical plants over the stream banks ultimately causing the exploitation of rich history of water wealth like bass, mangroves along with other such rich variety of bacteria, shrinking glaciers, a few intellectuals as you are taking on cudgels from the environmentalists. Deforestation for the benefit of design of hydro electric projects, urbanization and building of tourist accommodations can in the long haul show to be environmental problems like global warming, climate changes like droughts and floods, landslips and deaths (please send The Hindu editorial "Slip sliding away" dated November 14, 2009 on ecological disasters occurring at Nilgiri mountains), submergence of important regions, sometimes even countries like Maldives endowed with a magnificent scenery. Muhammad Nasheed, that nation's youthful leader is running anchor to create if the global warming is going to increase in an alarming level to save his country under the ocean from submergence. New media reports a few cabinet meeting held under the management of Mr.Nasheed underneath the beach to emphasize the significance of saving the country from going beneath the sea will need to have been observed by many displayed within the digital media including yourself. Disappointment and your distress primarily aimed against the environmentalists are due to their "failure" in suggesting alternatives to economic development for enhancement of electricity, the key. These accusations based on my understanding are not correct. Please consent to argue with your competition. While a hullabaloo was raging right now of signing of Indo-US Civilian Nuclear Deal, a couple of intellectuals (not everyone of these) just like the eminent Jurist V.R.Krishna Iyer repeatedly appealed to Dr.ManMohan Singh, our PM not to venture into it stating the long term undesirable consequences. The nonagenarian Jurist recommended solutions like solar energy, wind power and other such benign sources of energy like biogas over a large-scale across our country. With the Copanhagen Summit planned to be used on December 7 going to be attended by nations around the world to discover a solution of the global warming, the resulting in of climate changes triggering droughts, floods and pollution on account of carbon emissions because of the growing reliance on fossil fuels – let's expect a positive solution might be expected by us. There is a cautious optimism definitely good for us I think. Building of mega hydro electric jobs like Narmada Sarovar Dam amid widespread protests under the leadership of Arundhati Roy Medha Patkar and other such eminent people reached nowhere leading to the displacement of lakhs of Dalit farmers depriving them of their habitations. India's first Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru described our super hydro electric projects – " the temples of modern India ". Inside the span of time his epoch making statement turned out to be inappropriate and when he were around today he'd have pulled his statement after watching the tragic consequences. He would happen to be the first someone to get the effort to eliminate the holes of each player by creating necessary arrangements to restore all of them. Our current day rulers, unfortunately don't have any such concerns; Now it's learnt that huge hydro-electric projects are the most expensive. Even yesterday I happened to read a book-review ("Economics of hydropower") by noted economist Bharat Jhunjunwallah saying this truth. You know he's a renowned economist of emotionalizing the matter of environmental protection, unlike poet Sugatha Kumari whom you're accusing. Regarding your view of capitalist nations, capitalism, in terms of I understand is based on selfinterest. Should they feel like throwing crumbs for nation's qualified employed youth, certainly they'll have a reason behind their "kindness". While the Americans regarded as hailing from a most developed nation invest their time playing video games and seeing TVs our hardworking, determined, efficient youth work-day in day out and earn money but a big chunk of the quantity reach the "large" capitalist countries while their youth stay idle (here I'm particularly talking about vibrant IT students working at call centres within the IT towns of Bangalore, Cyberabad, Kerala, Noida – such other cities across India). This is not my viewpoint, it was first noticed and alleged by their President Barack Obama himself. Thus, your understanding of the capitalist countries needs to be taken using a touch of salt. I doubt, whether you are conscious of her tireless efforts to minimize the issues of these poor people. Anyway I'm happy for your requirements for going through my blog and for responding to it in a gentle manner.



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