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Friday, May 8, 2015

How A Greenhouse Effect Protects Our World

How The Greenhouse Effect Protects Our Planet
Greenhouse gases, consisting of CO2, methane, water vapor, and ozone, constitute around 1% of our planet's environment. The daylight that filters through our atmosphere after which is reflected back up, is known as infrared radiation. The greenhouse gases absorb the warmth decelerates its escape due to this infrared radiation and warms our planet. This "greenhouse effect" is what maintains our planet's temperature at a favorable level. Without it, the average temperature of the earth would be about 30 degrees colder.

The Industrial Revolution

Whenever you take into consideration the truth that even a one degree change in the world's conditions can bring about important implications, a fall this large would be catastrophic and might turn the planet in to a frozen wasteland.

Up to the mid-1700's, our planet managed a natural balance between the greenhouse gases along with the infrared radiation, preserving our life-supporting ecosystem. Using the birth of the Industrial Revolution, the normal balance was interrupted, effecting the power of the planet earth's atmosphere to contain them as well as the release of the gases. The improvement of the burning of fossil fuels in planes automobiles, power plants, and factories, along with a more mechanical earth, began making an over abundance of greenhouse gases. Increasing the negative effects of the Industrial Revolution will be the lack of our natural woods and prairie systems, massive deforestation, and the constant escalation in our population.

Global Warming

The build-up of greenhouse gasses inside the earth's atmosphere is causing a warming effect. Throughout the last century, one degree Fahrenheit has risen. This could have a disastrous impact causing strong storms, significant droughts, and irreversible erosion to the coastal areas
Stop Global Warming

Whether directly or indirectly, the increase in greenhouse gases has been caused by humans' actions. Also, it is up to us people reverse the consequences of global warming and to bring about change. We are able to change lives by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and making changes to the lifestyles. Over a larger scale we increase our forestland to reverse the effects of deforestation and are able to produce and use more sources of renewable energy. On a global level, fight the adverse effects they've on our world and we can participate in an internationally work with other places to reduce greenhouse gases.

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